Segway Xafari Review: Best Commuter Electric Bike in 2024?

Segway Xafari is going to be one of the best commuter electric bikes in 2024. At CES 2024, Segway revealed the Xafari, a torque sensor ebike with an innovative and aesthetically pleasing design.

Segway Xyber and Xafari are the first two ebikes the company is releasing after the popular dirt ebikes: Segway x260 and x160. But you’ll be surprised to know the smart features that Segway has introduced in these ebikes. Segway Xafari will even support Find My Apple service so that you can track your ebike in case of theft.

Segway is releasing Xafari at a time when many leading US brands don’t even offer app support for their ebikes. So, we can confidently say that Segway Xafari will be a game-changer for the ebike space in 2024. Let’s find out what else the Segway Xafari has to offer.

Segway Xafari Review

Segway Xafari: Pros & Cons


  1. Powerful Rear Hub Motor
  2. Torque Sensor with Active Scene Perception Technology
  3. Full Suspension System
  4. Large Battery Capacity
  5. Multiple Smart Features


  1. Heavy Frame
  2. Uncomfortable Saddle

Segway Xafari: Power & Range

Motor750W Rear Hub Motor
Top Speed28mph
Max Torque80Nm
Battery48V 19Ah (913Wh)
Max Range40 miles

Let’s start with the motor first. So, Segway is offering a 750W (sustained) rear hub motor on the Xafari electric bike. With a maximum torque of 80Nm, you can comfortably accelerate to 28mph with pedal-assist.

The battery on Segway Xafari is smaller than the 30Ah battery you get with the Xyber ebike. With Xafari, you are getting an integrated, yet removable 48V 19Ah battery that has enough juice for a maximum range of 40 miles.

The 19Ah battery is big enough since the ebike weight is also a big concern for commuter ebikes. A torque sensor will accompany this ebike which offers a responsive pedaling experience to the riders.

Segway has gone one step further by offering “Active Scene Perception” where the bike will adjust its response based on the terrain and rider’s input. This is truly a game changer as no other commuter ebike is offering such a feature yet.

So, the Segway Xafari will give a tough time to the likes of Aventon Level 2 and Ride1Up 700. It’s unlikely that any brand will come up with something similar to the elegant and poweful Segway Xafari.

Tires26″ x 3″
Segway Tires
Front Suspension80mm
Rear Suspension70mm
BrakesTekTro Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Derailleur8-speed Shimano Altus
Shifter8-speed Thumb Shifter

The Segway Xafari features 26″ x 3″ Segway tires which offer a comfortable ride on rough terrain as well. Unlike the Segway Xyber which has 5″ fat tires, the Xafari is built as an all-terrain ebike. So, the 3″ tires give a comfy ride on most types of terrain.

But the best component in Segway Xafari is also the full supension system. We are impressed with the way Segway has hidden the rear suspension giving it an elegant look. The rear suspension offers 70mm of travel whereas the front suspension comes with an 80mm travel distance.

Most of the commuter ebikes in the market only offer a front suspension. So, this is a unique upgrade Segway is offering in commuter ebike space. Tektro hydraulic disc brakes will offer a decent braking experience on this ebike. The transmission on the Xafari ebike doesn’t disappoint either as you get the Shimano Altus 8-speed drivetrain with a thumb shifter.

Unlike other ebike brands, Segway offers tons of smart features with the Xafari including:

  • Find My Apple
  • GPS Tracking
  • Navigation Support
  • Air lock and Motion Alert
  • Charging Ports (Type C, Type A)
  • Calorie Tracking
  • Adaptive Headlights
  • Integration with Health Apps

This is where the Segway Xafari gets ahead of all other commuter ebikes in the market. The smart cockpit of the Xafari offers tons of smart features including GPS tracking, navigation support, calorie tracking, and integration with your health apps. To make the ebike secure, Segway offers air lock, Find My Apple, and motion alert features in this bike.

Two charging ports (type C and type A) allow you to charge your smartphone and any other gadgets with the bike’s battery as well.

The “Active Scene Perception” feature allows the adaptive headlights to automatically respond depending on your terrain. Fenders and rear rack are also included in the Segway Xafari so you don’t need to purchase these essential accessories separately.

Segway Xafari Review: Our Verdict

Segway Xafari is the best commuter electric bike to have in 2024. The strong 750W motor, torque sensor, active scene perception technology, full suspension system, hydraulic disc brakes, large integrated battery, Shimano Altus drivetrain, tons of safety featues, integration with health apps, and a sleek, elegant step-through frame make this ebike worth every dollar you spend on it!

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