Lectric ONE Review: Should You Buy This Electric Bike?

Lectric has released the “ONE” ebike, the most expensive model from the brand so far. The ONE is almost double the price of XP 3.0 and comes with the same wheel size. But is the upgrade worth it? Or should you look for other options on the market in this budget? Let’s find out!

Let’s see what this commuter ebike has to offer!

Lectric ONE Review: Pros and Cons


  1. Smart Shifting with Pinion Gear Box
  2. Gates Carbon Belt
  3. 750W Hub Motor
  4. Pinion App Support


  1. No Torque Sensor
  2. No Suspension
  3. Low Range
  4. Heavy at 63 lbs
Lectric ONE Review

Lectric really tried to reinvent the wheel with the ONE ebike and ignored their primary target audience. They compromised on too many features to accommodate the Pinion gearbox and keep the ebike affordable. While you can enjoy smart shifting on the ONE ebike, a small battery and rigid fork will make the riding experience miserable.

On top of that, the ONE ebike is quite heavy at 63 lbs and it seems like Lectric forgot to think about the design of the ebike. Even Lectric doesn’t seem sure about the target audience for this ebike. The Lectric ONE doesn’t appeal to people looking for an affordable commuter ebike. And it isn’t a premium ebike either.

Things could have been different if they included a torque sensor, 20Ah battery, and full suspension on the ONE ebike. For now, the Lectric ONE may appeal to hard-core Lectric fans who want to ride something more powerful and don’t mind feeling those potholes on the way.

The rest of the folks in the market for a commuter ebike would prefer to use their thumb to change gears and get something more affordable and comfortable. Or they would be more inclined towards a torque sensor ebike with a bigger battery and at least front suspension.

How do we rate Lectric ONE ebike?

Performance: 8/10
Range: 6/10
Comfort: 4/10
Value: 7/10

Lectric One: Electrical Components & Key Features

FeatureLectric One
Motor Power750W Hub Motor
(1310W Peak Power)
Top Speed28 MPH
SensorCadence Sensor
Torque85 Nm
Battery48V, 14Ah or
48V, 10.4 Ah
45-60 Miles
Gates Carbon
Drive App
Lectric One Review: Electrical Components & Key Features

Motor and Top Speeds:

Lectric One comes with a powerful 750W rear hub motor that offers an impressive torque of 85Nm. The 1310W peak power is more than enough on a 20″ ebike and it reaches 20 mph on throttle a lot faster than the Lectric XP 3.0. In throttle mode, the top speed is limited to 20mph but you reach 28mph on the pedal-assist mode.

No Torque Sensor:

Speaking of pedal assist, you don’t get a torque sensor on this Lectric ebike. Instead, Lectric chose to stick with the cadence sensor coupled with their PWR technology.

This is where the ebike doesn’t make any sense. If you want to improve the riding experience, a torque sensor is not something you can ignore especially when most of the ebikes close priced close to $2k feature the same sensor.

We think Lectric is over-relying on its PWR technology and should have considered a torque sensor for the ONE ebike.

Disappointing Battery:

This is another area where the Lectric One fails to impress as it features a lackluster 10.4Ah motor on the standard version. You do get the option to choose the 14Ah version which increases the cost by another $200.

Coupled with a 24A controller, the battery offers a poor range on the maximum pedal-assist mode. The range will be even shorter on the pure throttle mode which makes sense since a 750W motor will drain this small battery at a rapid pace.

The claimed range is 45 miles for the standard model of the Lectric ONE ebike but that is just a theoretical estimate. In real-world conditions, you should expect an average range of 20-30 miles on this ebike. With such a high price tag, we expected at least a 20Ah battery on this ebike.

New Color LCD and App Support:

Lectric has finally introduced a new color LCD display for the ONE ebike and the display on this model is better than the previous ebikes. You also get the option to use the Pinion dedicated app where you can adjust the gear shifting on this ebike.

Let’s move on to the design section and see what Lectric ONE brings to the table.

Lectric One: Design, Dimensions & Weight Limits

FeatureLectric One
Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
Frame TypeStep-through
Frame SizesOne
5’2″ – 6’4″
Bike Weight63 lbs
330 lbs
Lectric One Review: Design, Dimensions & Weight Limits

The design of Lectric ONE is nothing to be excited about. The frame is similar to the one you see on the Lectric XP 3.0. They have just added a battery behind the saddle since this ebike doesn’t fold.

There is no step-over option and you don’t get to choose the frame size either. Lectric is offering the ONE ebike in just Black color now but there may be some other options in the future.

The ebike is not lightweight either as the ONE weighs around 63 lbs and it is not easy to lift the ebike if need be. You are getting a total weight limit of 330 lbs on this ebike.

Let’s dive into the most hyped components of the Lectric ONE now.

Lectric One: Other Components

FeaturesLectric One
BrakesMineral Oil
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
ShifterPinion Gearbox
with Smart Shift
DrivetrainGates Carbon Drive
Belt System
Chao Yang Tires
+ Reflective Sidewalls
Lectric One Review: Other Components

Pinion Gearbox:

The Pinion gearbox is the highlight of this 20″ ebike as you get the luxury of automatic gear shifting which can be programmed with the Pinion app. There is a manual shifter as well so you can switch between these two modes depending on your preference.

Gates Carbon Belt:

Instead of chains, Lectric ONE offers a Gates Carbon Belt which does not require any maintenance. Just make sure that the tension on the belt is adequate otherwise it can break down. Apart from that, you won’t need to worry about anything else as far as the belt is concerned.

And that’s pretty much everything new the Lectric ONE has to offer. You are also getting mineral oil hydraulic disc brakes which are not as good as the DOT fluid brakes but do a decent job.

No Suspension or Fat Tires:

Lectric doesn’t like the idea of having any sort of suspension on this cruiser electric bike. So, they have included a rigid fork on the Lectric ONE so that you can feel every single pothole during your commutes. And if you don’t agree with their idea, they may allow you to buy a front suspension fork for an extra few hundred bucks.

As of now, there is no option to get the Lectric ONE with a front suspension fork. However, you can get a touring package as the Lectric likes to call it which includes a suspension seat post and a saddle that would make your rides a little more comfortable. The standard saddle looks cheap and you would at some point need to get it replaced considering there is no suspension on this ebike.

Unlike the Lectric XP 3.0, the Lectric ONE doesn’t come with 3″ fat tires and you’ll get 2.5″ thick Chao Yang tires. We fail to understand the logic behind including these tires since 3″ fat tires were capable of handling different types of terrain.

And there you have it. That’s everything this cruiser electric bike from Lectric has to offer.

Lectric ONE: Our Verdict

At such a high price, there is little value the Lectric ONE has to offer. It’s not an affordable category ebike nor does it fit in the premium category. Lectric ONE is a hard pill that only Lectric fanboys can swallow. The rest of the ebike community in the US would love to use their thumb to shift those gears and go with more affordable options in the market that offer bang for their buck.

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