Lectric XPeak vs Aventon Aventure 2 Off-Road Electric Bikes

Lectric has finally jumped into the world of off-road ebikes with the release of its XPeak model. As with all Lectric ebikes, the XPeak has an affordable price tag as well. But can the XPeak beat the Aventon Aventure 2 which is widely regarded as the best off-road e-bike in the budget? This Lectric XPeak vs Aventon Aventure 2 has all the answers you need.

The Aventon Aventure 2 is a torque-sensor all-terrain ebike with a 750W rear hub motor. The Lectric XPeak, however, comes with a cadence sensor but packs similar features at a more affordable price.

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Best Alternative to Lectric XPeak and Aventon Aventure 2

Key Features:

  • UL 2271 Recognized Battery
  • 48V, 14.4Ah Samsung Cells
  • 750W (1200W Peak) Hub Motor
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 8-speed Shimano Drivetrain
  • Hydraulic Suspension Fork
  • 55 Miles of Max Range
  • 3A Fast Charging
  • IPX6 Water Resistance
  • 440 lbs of Weight Capacity
  • 26″x4″ Puncture-resistant Tires

We’ll go into more details of the comparison but let’s take a look at our recommended accessories bundle for these two ebikes.

Recommended Accessories for Lectric XPeak & Aventon Aventure 2

Lectric XPeak vs Aventon Aventure 2: Electrical Specs & Key Features

Electrical Specs
& Key Features
Aventure 2
Motor PowerRear Hub Motor
Nominal Power: 750W
Peak Power: 1310W
Rear Hub Motor
Nominal Power: 750W
Peak Power: 1130W
Top Speed28 MPH28 MPH
Battery48V, 14 Ah (672Wh)
Removable Battery
48V, 15 Ah (720Wh)
Removable Battery
Maximum Range 55 miles
(Pedal Assist)
60 miles
(Pedal Assist)
SensorsCadence SensorTorque Sensor
Pedal Assist5 Levels4 Levels
Throttle ModeThumb ThrottleThumb Throttle
Charging Time4-6 hours4-5 hours
Charger48V 2 Amp48V 3 Amp
Ebike ClassClass 3Class 3
TaillightsYesRear Lights
with Turn Signals
Lectric XPeak vs Aventon Aventure 2: Electrical Specs & Key Features Compared

Lectric XPeak has a Cadence Sensor:

Lectric XPeak
Lectric XPeak Step-Over

One of the most notable differences between the Lectric XPeak and Aventon Aventure 2 is the fact that the XPeak has a cadence sensor. In comparison, the Aventon Aventure 2 comes with a torque sensor which you’ll see in most of the new Aventon releases including the Aventon Level 2, Sinch.2, Soltera.2, and Pace 500.3.

Although the Lectric PWR system tries to mimic the behavior of a torque sensor by limiting the power output in different use cases, it is still no match for a torque sensor.

So, you will definitely get a more responsive pedaling experience with the Aventure’s torque sensor which allocates motor power based on how hard you pedal.

It is also important to mention that Lectric has tried to offer its customers a powerful off-road ebike at a price that neither Aventon nor any other US brand can offer in the near future. So, adding a torque system would have significantly increased the price of Lectric XPeak.

Instead of investing in a torque system, Lectric has included some amazing features which you only expect to see in premium ebikes.

750W Rear Hub Motors:

Both Lectric XPeak and Aventon Aventure 2 come with 750W rear hub motors which are suitable for offroad ebikes. The Lectric XPeak, however, claims a much higher peak power of 1310W in comparison to the 1130W max power offered by the Aventure 2.

So, Lectric XPeak is in no way less powerful than the Aventon Aventure.2. Both of these class 3 ebikes can offer you a maximum speed of 28mph.

Battery & Range:

When it comes to the battery, there is little difference between these two electric bikes. The Lectric XPeak has a 48V, 14 Ah battery whereas the Aventon Aventure.2 features a slightly bigger battery with a 48V, 15 Ah capacity.

The difference in capacity is minute and it does not translate into any significant difference in the range as well.

Talking of range, the XPeak can offer you a maximum range of 55 miles on the pedal-assist mode. If you use max PAS mode (PAS 5), the range gets reduced to 20 miles. So, a realistic expectation can be around 30 miles in the pedal-assist mode. In the throttle-only mode, you’ll get around 15-20 miles at least.

The Aventon Aventure.2 offers you a maximum range of 60 miles in the lowest Pedal-assist mode. However, you should expect to get around 35 miles on average. In the throttle-only mode, you can get around 20-25 miles.

So, in short, the Aventure.2 will offer you 5 to 10 miles extra in both modes in comparison to the Lectric XPeak. This extra range can be attributed to the torque sensor in Aventure 2 which allocates power more efficiently than any cadence sensor can.

Aventon Aventure 2 has Turn Signals:

Aventon Aventure 2 Step-Through
Aventon Aventure 2 Step-Through

Now this feature may not concern you if you need an ebike for just off-road use. But if you are looking for an all-terrain ebike, the Aventure 2 offers turn signals as well.

So, when you are riding the Aventure.2 on roads, the turn signals can improve your safety a lot as the traffic behind you can clearly spot them. This is even more important when you are riding in low-light conditions.

Lectric XPeak, however, doesn’t feature any turn signals. So, you’ll have to compromise on this safety feature if you need a more affordable ebike. However, you can compensate for this by getting a smart helmet which we already listed in our recommended accessories at the start of this Aventon Aventure 2 vs Lectric XPeak comparison.

Let’s compare the design of these two off-road ebikes.

Lectric XPeak vs Aventon Aventure 2: Dimensions, Design, & Weight Limits

Design &
Weight Limits
Aventure 2
Step Over
Step Over
Step over:
Step over:
Slate Grey,
Cobalt Blue,
Midnight Black
Bike Weight67 lbs77 lbs
Max Payload
330 lbs400 lbs
Rear Rack
Load Capacity
60 lbs55 lbs
Step Over:
5’7” – 6’5”
5’2” – 6’3”
Step Over:
R: 5’3″ – 5’10″
L: 5’10″ – 6’4″
R: 4’11” – 5’7″
L: 5’7″ – 6’1″
Stand Over
ST: 19.5″
SO: 30.5″
ST: 18.8″
SO: 26.1″, 28″
Min Seat
ST: 33″
SO: 34″
ST: 32.2″
SO: 33.8″
Max Seat
ST: 45″
SO: 46″
ST: 40.9″
SO: 41.7″
Lectric XPeak vs Aventon Aventure 2: Dimensions, Design, & Weight Limits Compared

Frame Styles and Sizes:

Both Lectric XPeak and Aventon Aventure 2 are available in step-through and step-over frames. However, the Aventure.2 comes in two sizes for each frame style offering you more flexibility in size.

Lectric XPeak has designed the step-through variant for short people and their step-over frame is more suitable for taller riders. We have mentioned the recommended rider heights in the above table for each frame type of both ebikes.

Color options are also more for Aventure.2 as compared to the Lectric XPeak.

Aventon Aventure.2 has a 400lb Max Payload Capacity:

Another difference between these two electric bikes is that the Aventon Aventure 2 can give you a higher maximum payload capacity. The Aventure.2 can support a load of up to 400 lbs safely with a rear rack load limit of 55 lbs.

Although the Lectric XPeak’s frame is eMTB safety tested, the overall payload limit is still comparatively lower at 330 lbs. The rear rack of XPeak can support a load of up to 60 lbs.

Lectric XPeak is 10 lbs Lighter:

Although the Aventure.2 can support a maximum payload of 400 lbs, it also happens to be heavier than the Lectric XPeak. The Lectric XPeak weighs around 67 lbs, 10 lbs lighter than the weight of Aventon Aventure.2.

This is not a big deal since you rarely have to lift one of these ebikes. And if you are lifting one of these to attach to your car mount, lifting even 67 lbs is not easy for everyone.

But we cannot take away any credit from the Lectric for doing an amazing job of keeping the XPeak lightweight.

Now let’s dive into the mechanical components and see if the Lectric XPeak can match the Aventure 2.

Lectric XPeak vs Aventon Aventure 2: Other Components

Aventure 2
Disc Brakes
Disc Brakes
Shifter7 Speed Shimano
thumb shifter
8 Speed Shimano
Rapid Fire shifter
TiresChao Yang
26” x 4”
Fat Tires
26” x 4”
Fat Tires
ForkRST Renegade
Suspension Fork
80 mm travel
Suspension Fork
80 mm travel
Rear RackIncludedIncluded
Lectric XPeak vs Aventon Aventure 2: Other Components Compared

RST Renegade Suspension Fork:

Let’s talk about the suspension fork that Lectric is very proud of including in this ebike. So, Lectric has included the RST Renegade suspension fork in the XPeak which offers 80mm of travel. Now, this is a big deal since this fork alone costs around $400.

The Aventon Aventure.2 has a suspension fork of 80mm as well but the fork is definitely cheaper than the RST Renegade fork Lectric has included in the XPeak.

The Aventon Aventure 2 has a Better Suspension to Offer:

So, you must be thinking about how Lectric offers better components at a lower price point. Well, here’s your answer. Lectric has adjusted the price difference by including a lower-quality suspension.

While the Aventon Aventure 2 offers a Shimano Altus rear derailleur with an 8-speed rapid-fire shifter, the Lectric XPeak offers a Shimano Tourney derailleur with 7-speed shifter.

At this point, the Aventon Aventure 2 starts making a lot more sense than the Lectric XPeak since the Shimano Altus derailleur will offer you a much smoother ride than the Shimano Tourney which is an entry-level Shimano component.

No Suspension Seat Post in Either of These Off-road Ebikes:

To keep these off-road ebikes affordable for US consumers, both brands have not settled for a standard seat post. Since these ebikes don’t have rear suspension, at least a suspension seat post should have been included for a smooth ride.

This is why we always suggest adding a suspension seat post along with a comfortable saddle. In fact, we have suggested a suspension seat post and an affordable saddle at the start of this blog post.

Lectric XPeak vs Aventon Aventure 2: Price

Aventure 2
Original Price$1852$1999
Discounted Price$1299$1599
Lectric XPeak vs Aventon Aventure 2: Price Comparison

Let’s compare the prices now. The original prices of these ebikes are close to $2k but we’ll compare the current offers.

As we pen down this comparison, the Lectric XPeak is available for just $1299. To make the offer even more attractive, Lectric is offering racks and fenders free with the ebike. Lectric is offering the RST suspension fork for free right now, but they may offer it for an extra $400 later on.

The Aventon Aventure 2, however, is slightly expensive at $1599 right now. So, you are paying $300 more for Aventure 2 than the Lectric XPeak as of now. Which brand is offering more value for your money then? Let’s find out!

Lectric XPeak vs Aventon Aventure 2: Which one is the Best Offroad Ebike?

Lectric XPeak vs Aventon Aventure 2

For an extra $300, the Aventon Aventure 2 offers you a toque sensor, Shimano Altus derailleur, 8-speed rapid fire shifter, 400 lbs payload capacity, and turn signals.

So, the Aventon Aventure 2 is an overall better off-road ebike than the Lectric XPeak. But if you are on a budget and can’t afford the Aventure 2, the XPeak is not a bad option either.

At just $1299, the Lectric XPeak offers you a 750W motor, hydraulic disc brakes, RST suspension fork, Shimano derailleur, a 672Wh battery, and all essential accessories included in the same price. So, as far as delivering value is concerned, Lectric has nailed it.

So, we see these two ebikes as the best value-for-money offers in their respective price category. Whether you go for the Lectric XPeak or the Aventon Aventure 2, you are bound to have an amazing off-road biking experience.

Our editorial team powers our electric bike reviews and comparisons with passion for eco-friendly transportation, offering expertise and enthusiasm to navigate the world of electric biking confidently.

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