Heybike Tyson vs Aventon Sinch 2 Folding Electric Bikes

Heybike Tyson and Aventon Sinch 2 are among the best folding ebikes available in the market today. But which one should you go for? In this Heybike Tyson vs Aventon Sinch 2 comparison, we’ll highlight the pros of cons of each folding ebike so that you can make a well-informed decision.

The key difference between Heybike Tyson and Aventon Sinch 2 is that the Tyson comes with a more powerful 750W motor along with a top speed of 28 mph. Moreover, Tyson offers full suspension along with hydraulic disc brakes. Aventon Sinch 2, however, offers more responsive pedaling, thanks to the torque sensor.

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Our Recommended Folding Ebike

Lectric XP Lite 2.0 is the best value-for-money folding ebike on the market in 2024. Don’t rely on our word, take a look at the impressive features below.

Key Features:

  • Powerful 819W Peak Hub Motor
  • Gates Carbon Belt Drive
  • Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 80 Miles of Max Range
  • 20 mph Top Speed
  • Lightweight at just 49 lbs
  • 48V 14Ah Battery (UL Certified)
  • 20″ x 2.5″ Slim Tires

Velotric’s Fold 1 is another option that you must consider if you are shopping for a foldable ebike in 2024. Take a look at the impressive specs below:

Key Features:

  • Powerful 750W Hub Motor
  • UL-2849 Safety Certified
  • Shimano 7-speed Drivetrain
  • Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 55 Miles of Max Range
  • 28 mph Top Speed
  • 440 lbs Payload Limit
  • 48V 608Wh, Detachable Battery
  • 20″ x 3″ Puncture-resistant Tires

Recommended Accessories for Heybike Tyson and Aventon Sinch 2

Let’s start the Heybike Tyson vs Aventon Sinch 2 review by comparing the key features and electrical components of these two folding electric bikes.

Heybike Tyson vs Aventon Sinch 2: Electrical Specs & Key Features

Specs & Key
Sinch 2
Motor Power750W
Rear Hub Motor
Rear Hub Motor
Top Speed28 MPH20 MPH
Battery48V, 15 Ah
Removable Battery
48V, 14 Ah
Removable Battery
55 Miles
(Pedal Assist)
55 Miles
(Pedal Assist)
Pedal Assist4 Levels4 Levels
Throttle ModeThumb ThrottleThumb Throttle
Charging Time4-5 hours4-5 hours
Charger48V 4 Amp48V 3 Amp
App SupportYesYes
Ebike ClassClass 3Class 2
TaillightsRear Lights with
Turn Signals
Rear Lights with
Turn Signals
Heybike Tyson vs Aventon Sinch 2: Electrical Specs & Key Features

Motor & Top Speed:

Motor power is one of the most significant features of the Heybike Tyson as it comes with a 750W rear hub motor. Other folding ebikes from Heybike like the Mars and Ranger have a 500W motor so this is a welcome addition to the Heybike folding lineup.

A more powerful battery allows the Heybike Tyson to offer a top speed of 28 mph. So, this is the second folding ebike from Heybike that goes up to 28 mph. Ranger S is the only other ebike from the brand that offers the same top speed.

On the other hand, the Aventon Sinch.2 comes with a 500W geared hub motor which is definitely less powerful than the Heybike Tyson. Due to a less powerful motor, the Aventon Sinch 2 can only offer a top speed of 20 mph.

This also means that the Heybike Tyson will go faster on steep hills as compared to the Aventon Sinch 2. But that’s not all. The Aventon Sinch 2 will give you a more responsive pedaling experience. And that’s where the torque sensor comes in.

Cadence Sensor vs Torque Sensor:

This is where Aventon Sinch 2 comes back in the competition. All the Aventon ebikes released this year including the Pace 500.3, Level 2, Soltera.2, and Aventure 2 have the torque sensor. So, they are definitely committed to providing a more responsive pedaling experience to their users.

In comparison, the Heybike Tyson features a cadence sensor which you see in the most affordable ebikes in the market. Cadence sensors are good but the motor power is delivered based on the number of pedal cycles instead of how hard you are pedaling.

So, this is a big miss in the Heybike Tyson, and if they plan to go near that $2k price tag, they’ll have to consider this. Otherwise, the Heybike will become just another brand with expensive ebikes. Their best-selling ebike, the Heybike Mars, is popular largely because it offers decent specs at an affordable price.

So, if Heybike wants to compete with well-reputed brands like Aventon or Ride1Up, they must not lose focus on the affordability factor.

Battery and Maximum Range:

There is little difference between the battery of these two folding electric bikes. While the Heybike Tyson has a 48V, 15 Ah removable battery, the Sinch 2 has a 48V, 14 Ah battery.

Therefore, the range is also no different. Both Heybike Tyson and Aventon Sinch 2 offer a maximum range of 55 miles on the pedal-assist mode. The pure electric range is obviously lower and depends on a lot of factors.

4A vs 3A Charger:

Another difference between these two folding ebikes is that the Heybike Tyson comes with a 4A charger whereas the Aventon Sinch 2 features a 3A charger. You can expect to get a full charge in 4-5 hours on both of these ebikes.

Lights & Turn Signals:

Heybike has done a great job by adding the turn signals in the Tyson ebike. These turn signals are integrated into the rear light of the ebike. However, the turn signals are placed in a better position on the Aventon Sinch 2, offering more visibility.

But the headlight on Heybike Tyson is much more powerful than the Aventon Sinch 2. Still, both of these ebikes have decent lights to offer considering the affordable price tags of these folding electric bikes.

Let’s compare the design and dimensions of both folding ebikes.

Heybike Tyson vs Aventon Sinch 2: Dimensions, Design, & Weight Limits

Design &
Weight Limits
Sinch 2
FrameStep OverStep-Through
Color OptionsBlack
Bike Weight77 lbs68 lbs
Payload Capacity
400 lbs300 lbs
Rear Rack
Load Capacity
50 lbs55 lbs
Rider Height5’4”-6’3”4’8″ – 6’2″
Stand Over Height749 mm390 mm
Min Seat Height800 mm850 mm
Max Seat Height909 mm1018 mm
Heybike Tyson vs Aventon Sinch 2: Dimensions, Design, & Weight Limits

Frame Design:

When we talk about the frame of these ebikes, there is one significant difference between the two. While the Aventon Sinch.2 comes with a step-through frame, the Heybike Tyson offers a step-over frame.

Heybike Tyson vs Aventon Sinch 2

The step-through frame is generally more convenient than the step-over frame. But we have to admit that Heybike has done a great job designing the frame of Tyson as it is visibly different than the frame we normally see in other folding ebikes.

Bike Weight:

Although the one-piece Magnesium frame of Heybike Tyson is very solid, unfortunately, it is heavy. The frame weighs around 77 lbs, even heavier than the Heybike Mars.

On the other hand, the Aventon Sinch.2 weighs around 68 lbs which is not lightweight either. But it is definitely easier to lift in comparison to the Heybike Tyson.

Generally speaking, it is not easy to load any of these ebikes onto your SUV and you may need someone’s help. This problem is not unique to these ebikes as most of the folding ebikes in the market are quite heavy. Lectric XP Lite is one exception though as it weighs only 46 lbs.

Max Payload Limits:

The durable one-piece Magnesium frame of the Heybike Tyson can bear a maximum load of 400 lbs. This frame is definitely sturdier than the frames of other Heybikes including the Mars.

The weight limits of these folding ebikes should be taken seriously as we have seen many ebikes from well-reputed brands getting broken into two pieces. These ebikes usually break from the hinge since it is the weakest point in the frame.

So, if you are a heavy rider, you can comfortably ride the Heybike Tyson. Aventon Sinch 2, however, comes with a maximum payload limit of 300 lbs. Nevertheless, Aventon makes one of the most durable ebike frames in the market.

So, you can comfortably ride the Sinch 2 as well if you respect the rated maximum capacity of the ebike.

Alright! It’s time to compare some mechanical components of these ebikes.

Heybike Tyson vs Aventon Sinch 2: Other Components

Sinch 2
Disc Brakes
Disc Brakes
SuspensionDual Hydraulic
Shifter7 Speed
8 Speed
Tires20” x 4”
Fat Tires
20” x 4”
Fat Tires
SeatpostStandardAventon Velo
Rear RackIncludedIncluded
Rear FendersIncludedIncluded
Heybike Tyson vs Aventon Sinch 2: Other Components


This is where the Heybike Tyson really gets ahead of the Aventon Sinch 2. The Heybike Tyson comes with front & back hydraulic suspension which makes the riding experience super comfortable.

The Aventon Sinch 2, however, comes with front suspension only and is comparatively less comfortable to ride. The rear suspension on Heybike Tyson distinguishes it from many of its rivals in the market today.

So, it will be interesting to see if Lectric or Aventon come up with a full-suspension folding ebike in the future. We’ll have to wait for that. But as of now, if you need a full-suspension ebike from a US brand at an affordable price, Heybike Tyson is the only option.


If you are a fan of Aventon, you may be disappointed to know that the Aventon Sinch.2 doesn’t come with hydraulic disc brakes. The mechanical disc brakes do a decent job stopping this ebike, but we definitely expected more after paying more than $1.5k.

Heybike Tyson, however, features hydraulic disc brakes which are much better than the mechanical ones you get with the Sinch 2. So, Heybike Tyson is the clear winner in this department as well.

Apart from these differences, both of these folding ebikes come with included rear racks and fenders. So, you won’t have to spend anything extra to get these essential accessories.

Let’s move on to the Heybike Tyson vs Aventon Sinch 2 price comparison before we give our conclusion.

Heybike Tyson vs Aventon Sinch 2: Price

Sinch 2
Ebike Cost$1699$1799
Shipping ChargesFree DeliveryFree Delivery
Heybike Tyson vs Aventon Sinch 2: Price

If we look at the retail prices of these folding ebikes, the Heybike Tyson is priced at $1699, $100 less cheaper than the Aventon Sinch 2. As we write this Heybike Tyson vs Aventon Sinch 2 comparison, you can actually get the Sinch 2 for $1499.

We can confidently say that Heybike spotted an opportunity here and successfully grabbed it. After the massive success of Mars, we expected the brand to come after the bigger fish like Aventon and Lectric.

Aventon and Lectric would have a hard time selling their folding ebikes as their features look lackluster in front of the Heybike Tyson. It’s only a matter of time now before Heybike launches a folding ebike with a torque sensor.

But we firmly believe that price should not be the deciding factor for such closely priced electric bikes. So, you should consider the features you need and make a decision accordingly.

Let’s move on to the final part of our Heybike Tyson vs Aventon Sinch 2 comparison where we reveal our conclusion.

Heybike Tyson vs Aventon Sinch 2: Which one is better?

After thoroughly comparing these two folding ebikes, we believe Heybike Tyson offers more value for money as compared to the Sinch 2.

Heybike Tyson offers you rear suspension and hydraulic disc brakes, both of which are missing the Aventon Sinch 2. Moreover, you are getting a 750W motor and 28 mph top speed with the Heybike Tyson.

On the other hand, Aventon Sinch 2 can offer you a torque sensor and a lighter frame.

So, the Aventon Sinch 2 doesn’t come even near the Heybike Tyson when it comes to offering value for money.

Therefore, we highly recommend that you go for the Heybike Tyson to get a more comfortable riding experience.

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