Heybike Hero Review: Best Carbon-Fiber All-Terrain Ebike?

Heybike is stepping up its game in 2024 by finally releasing a carbon-fiber ebike: the Heybike Hero. But there’s more to this fat tire ebike than just frame material as our Heybike Hero review will reveal further. It’s also Heybike’s most powerful ebike as you get to choose between a 750W mid-drive motor or a 1000W rear hub motor.

But Heybike wanted to check all the boxes with the Hero ebike and decided to include a torque sensor as well. Isn’t that crazy? Heybike has been quite successful in the affordable category and now they are set to challenge the US market in the premium ebikes space as well.

Honestly, we were expecting the Heybike to release ebikes featuring mid-drive motors, torque sensors, and carbon-fiber frames. But Heybike has surprised us by combining all of these features in a full-suspension, fat-tire ebike.

Heybike Hero Review: Pros and Cons

Heybike Hero Review
Heybike Hero (Step-through)


  1. Extremely Powerful Motor
  2. Torque-sensor Ebike
  3. 35mph Top Speed
  4. Dual Suspension System
  5. 9-speed Shimano Altus Drivetrain
  6. Durable Carbon-Fiber Frame
  7. App Support


  1. Still a Heavy Ebike (75lbs)
  2. Comes in just 1 Size

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Heybike Hero is a full-suspension ebike like the Heybike Horizon as it features the same Horst-link air suspension in the rear along with a hydraulic front suspension fork.

The design of Heybike Hero is no less than an engineering marvel and the team at Heybike has pulled off something really special here. The step-through and trapeze frame designs of Hero give a minimalistic feel and the bright color options will make sure that you have the coolest ride in town!

We must admit that Heybike always has something unique to offer with each model. This has been the key to the immense success of Heybike in the overcrowded US ebike space.

Let’s dive into the specs of Heybike Hero now and see what’s under the hood!

Heybike Hero: Electrical Specs & Key Features

FeatureHeybike Hero
750W Mid-Drive Motor
(160 Nm Torque)
1000W Rear Hub Motor
(100 Nm Torque)
Top Speed35 MPH
Battery48V, 18Ah (864Wh) Battery
UL2849 (TUV)
60 Miles (Pedal Assist)
SensorsTorque Sensor
4-5 hours
Charger48V 4A Fast Charging
Heybike Hero Review: Electrical Specification & Key Features

Powerful Motor:

As we mentioned earlier, the Heybike Hero is the first electric bike with a mid-drive motor from the brand. You can choose between the 750W mid-drive and 1000W rear hub motors. The mid-drive model offers you an impressive torque of 160Nm with a 35 mph top speed.

Even if you go with the 1000W rear hub motor, you are still looking at 100Nm of torque which is enough to take you on steep hills as well. However, the mid-drive model will be faster accelerating in hilly areas and we highly recommend the mid-drive option.

Torque Sensor:

Heybike is finally releasing its first torque sensor ebike as the Heybike Hero will offer a more responsive pedaling experience, thanks to the sensor. If you are unaware of the difference between cadence and torque sensors, we’ll explain it to you here.

In simple words, a torque sensor can detect how hard you are pedaling and allocate motor power accordingly. On the other side, cadence sensors rely on the number of pedal rounds and respond likewise.

So, if you are riding upwards on a hill and putting in the effort, the torque sensor on Heybike Hero will assess this situation and respond with more torque so that you can ride comfortably. You won’t see the delay in motor response as well in the case of a torque sensor when you start or stop the ebike.

So, the torque sensor offers a more responsive and much smoother pedaling experience compared to the cadence sensor. That’s why torque sensor ebikes are relatively more expensive as well.

UL-certified Removable Battery:

Safety certifications are another area where Heybike was falling behind its competitors and they have checked this box as well. The Heybike Hero comes with a 48V 18Ah battery (864Wh) and has a UL2849 (TUV) safety certification.

The removable battery has enough juice to offer you a maximum range of 60 miles on the pedal-assist mode. This is an estimate, of course, in the lowest pedal-assist setting, and the actual range will depend on a variety of factors including your weight and riding terrain. But you should expect a solid 40-mile range in pedal-assist mode on this all-terrain electric bike.

In throttle mode, you can get around 30 miles of maximum range. The battery is decent on this ebike and 4A fast charging option makes it even more attractive. You can expect a full recharge within 5 hours on this electric bike.

Let’s move on to the design department and see if there are any surprises for you!

Heybike Hero: Dimensions, Design, & Weight Limits

FeatureHeybike Hero
Frame MaterialT800 Carbon-Fiber
Frame StylesStep-Through
Bike Weight75 lbs
Weight Capacity400 lbs
Heybike Hero Review: Dimensions, Design, & Weight Limits

The prototype of the Heybike Hero revealed at the CES 2024 in Las Vegas had a built-in LCD display which we were eagerly looking forward to. However, Heybike has stuck to the handlebar display it offers on its other ebikes.

The T800 carbon-fiber frame of the ebike weighs just 6.17 lbs but the ebike is still quite heavy at 75 lbs. The frame itself is not heavy but the components of this full-size ebike are the reason behind this weight.

The design of the frame speaks for itself and we believe it’s a work of art. At a time, when most of the ebike brands in the US are offering the same boring design with similar components, Heybike is offering something truly unique.

Unlike other Heybike models, the Hero doesn’t fold as it’s supposed to be an all-terrain ebike capable of handling rough terrains. So, the frame is strong enough to handle whatever you throw at it. Just make sure that you don’t exceed the 400 lbs weight limit of the ebike.

Heybike Hero: Other Components

FeaturesHeybike Hero
BrakesRSX Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Transmission9 Speed Shimano Altus
Tires26” x 4” Chao Yang Fat Tires
SuspensionFront: Hydraulic Suspension Fork
Rear: Horst-link Air Suspension
Heybike Hero Review: Other Components & Accessories

One of the best features of the Heybike Hero is the dual suspension system on this fat tire ebike. Heybike has included a front hydraulic suspension fork along with the horst-link air suspension on the rear. The travel distance is long enough to offer you a smooth and comfy ride.

To make your experience even better, Heybike Hero features a 9-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain so you won’t be running out of gears on this ebike. Shimano is a reputable brand when it comes to bike components and we expect nothing less from Heybike.

The brakes won’t disappoint you either as you get the RSX hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors. These are the same brakes Heybike offers on the Horizon ebike as well.

Let’s talk about the tires now. The Heybike Hero comes with 26” x 4” Chao Yang fat tires which can handle all types of terrain comfortably. So, whether you want to ride in sand, snow, or mud, Heybike Hero won’t disappoint you.

Heybike Hero Price

The early bird price of the Heybike Hero is $2699 for the mid-drive model and $2399 for the hub motor variant. Heybike is currently offering special coupons for an extra $500 discount on the Hero.

The price difference between these two Heybike variants is just $300. So, we highly recommend that you get the mid-drive variant and enjoy that extra power that the ebike can offer.

Heybike Hero Review: Should you go for it?

Heybike Hero offers a unique set of features that distinguish this fat tire ebike from other options on the market. The durable carbon-fiber frame, a powerful motor, an efficient torque sensor, a full-suspension system, and Shimano 9-speed Altus drivetrain make it the best carbon-fiber all-terrain ebike in 2024.

The aesthetically beautiful frame would make you fall in love with this beast. So if you are looking for a premium ebike that is bound to turn heads, Heybike Hero should be your pick. Just make sure that you have enough greenbacks to buy this beauty.

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