Heybike Horizon Review: A Limited Edition Folding Ebike

Heybike has come up with another amazing folding ebike, the Heybike Horizon Sunset, for its audience in the US. Previously, Heybike released folding ebikes with 20-inch tires only with Heybike Mars 2.0 and Heybike Tyson being the latest additions.

The Heybike Horizon Sunset, however, is a limited-edition folding electric bike that comes with much bigger 24-inch tires and rear suspension as well. And given the fact that Heybike operates in the affordable ebikes category, we cannot think of any competing US brand for the Heybike Horizon Sunset at this moment.

So, this is Heybike’s second ebike with rear suspension after the release of Heybike Tyson. Let’s find out if Heybike has packed this full-suspension ebike with decent specs as well. We’ll start exploring the electrical specifications and key features first.

Heybike Horizon Review

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Key Features:

  • Powerful 750W Hub Motor
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Shimano Altus 8-speed Drivetrain
  • 45 Miles of PAS Range
  • 28 mph Top Speed
  • Front Fork Suspension (80mm)
  • 48V 13.4Ah Battery
  • 20″ x 3.0″ Fat Tires

Best Accessories for Heybike Horizon Sunset

We highly recommend the following set of accessories that you must get with the Heybike Horizon for a comfortable riding experience.

Heybike Horizon Sunset: Electrical Specification & Key Features

Electrical Specs
& Key Features
Horizon Sunset
Motor Power750W Rear Hub Motor
Peak Power: 1200W
Top Speed28 MPH
Maximum Range55 Miles (Pedal Assist)
SensorsCadence Sensor
Pedal Assist5 Levels
Throttle ModeThumb Throttle
Charging Time3 hours
Charger48V 4A Fast Charging
Ebike ClassClass 3
LightsAdaptive Headlight &
Rear Light + Turn Signals
Heybike Horizon Sunset: Electrical Specification & Key Features

A 750W Rear Hub Motor:

The Heybike Horizon Sunset features a powerful 750W rear hub motor. The motor provides a peak power of 1200W which is enough to take you on moderate slopes as well.

We have seen Heybike offering the same power motor in its other folding ebikes including Heybike Ranger S and Heybike Mars 2 as well.

With this motor, you can get a top speed of 28mph which makes it a class-3 ebike. But you can always adjust the speed settings to make this ebike compliant with your state laws.

55 Miles of Maximum Range:

There is no surprise in this department as most of the Heybike models can offer you at least 55 miles of maximum range in the pedal-assist mode.

For instance, Heybike Ranger S also offers the same maximum range and has the same 750W rear hub motor.

So, Heybike has kept the good features intact in this folding ebike. In the throttle-only mode, you’ll get at least 30 miles on this folding ebike.

Heybike has not installed a massive battery in this ebike as they want to keep this ebike affordable as well.

But 55 miles of maximum range is still decent for an affordable folding ebike and we have to give credit to Heybike for that.

No Torque Sensor:

If this electric bike lacks one thing, it’s a torque sensor. This is one of the areas where Heybike has always disappointed us. We were looking forward to a toque sensor folding ebike from Heybike.

However, Heybike has decided to stick with the cadence sensor for Heybike Horizon Sunset as well. Previously, Heybike released Mars 2 and Tyson which were also cadence sensor ebikes. So, we’ll have to wait even longer before we can see a torque sensor in a Heybike model.

A torque sensor gives you a more responsive pedaling experience as it relies on the effort you put into pedaling instead of simply counting the pedal rounds.

This is still not a deal breaker for the Heybike Horizon Sunset as it is an affordable category ebike and the price will make even more sense when you see the mechanical components it is loaded with.

Fast Charging and Turn Signals:

Heybike is one of the few ebike brands that includes 48V 4A fast charging in their ebikes and the Horizon features the same fast charger.

Thanks to the fast charging capability, you can expect a full recharge within 3 hours. This is truly amazing from Heybike and makes the Horizon Sunset folding ebike even more special.

To make things even better, Heybike Horizon Sunset features a powerful adaptive headlight. But there’s more to this headlight as it comes with turn signals that are bright enough for the traffic behind to see you.

Heybike Horizon Sunset: Dimensions, Design, & Weight Limits

Dimensions, Design
& Weight Limits
Horizon Sunset
(Frame +Handlebars)
Color OptionsSunset
Bike Weight79 lbs
Max Payload Capacity330 lbs
Rear Rack Load Capacity120 lbs
Rider Height5’5″ – 6’3″
Heybike Horizon Sunset: Dimensions, Design, & Weight Limits

Step-through Frame:

The design of this folding electric bike is inspired by the Heybike Ranger S. The folding latch allows you to fold the ebike so that you can save it in compact spaces as well. The handlebar is also foldable and folding it is also super easy.

Still, this folding ebike will take up considerable space since it comes with 24″ tires. So, if you are thinking of transporting this ebike in the trunk of your Sedan, you will be disappointed.

However, you can definitely fit it into an SUV or a pickup truck like the Ram or Tundra.

Not the Lightest Folding Ebike at 79 lbs:

Although the Heybike Horizon Sunset is packed with some of the best features you can get in a folding ebike, it is quite heavy. So, lifting this folding ebike won’t be an easy task and you may need someone’s help when trying to move it in the folded position.

At 79 lbs, Heybike Horizon Sunset is the heaviest folding ebike from the brand. Heybike Ranger S, for instance, is much lighter at 72 lbs. However, the Heybike Horizon Sunset has bigger tires than all other folding ebikes from the brand.

Since this is a folding ebike, the aluminum frame has to be strong enough to handle the payload and bumps on the road. So, the extra weight is justified here.

However, if you need a lightweight folding ebike, you can consider getting the Gocycle g4 which features a carbon-fiber frame. But that ebike starts near $3000. So, in this price range, an aluminum frame ebike is your best bet.

The Rear Rack is Not That Durable:

Like the Ranger S, the Heybike Horizon Sunset also features a rear rack that is bolted onto the frame. However, the maximum load capacity is limited to 130 lbs.

We feel that Heybike has missed the trick here as they should have welded the rear rack with the frame to make it more durable. As of now, the rear rack load capacity is limited and the rack is not that durable either.

So, we don’t recommend that you carry a kid on this rear rack. If you still want to go that route, just make sure that you don’t exceed the overall maximum payload capacity of 330 lbs.

Heybike Horizon Sunset: Other Components & Accessories

Horizon Sunse
BrakesRSX Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Transmission7 Speed Shimano
Tires24” x 3” Fat Tires
Front Suspension Fork
+ 4-link Rear Suspension
Rear RackIncluded
Heybike Horizon Sunset: Other Components & Accessories

Another Dual Suspension Folding Ebike:

Heybike has recently released a full-suspension folding ebike: the Heybike Tyson. But Heybike has decided to include an even stronger rear suspension in the Heybike Horizon Sunset.

The Heybike Horizon features a hydraulic front suspension fork with a decent amount of travel. To make your rides even more comfortable, the Heybike Horizon offers a 4-link rear suspension system. This dual-suspension combo will absorb most of the bumps you’ll encounter during your rides.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes:

Another amazing feature of this ebike is the RSX hydraulic disc brake that this folding ebike comes with. These hydraulic disc brakes will give you more stopping power in comparison with the mechanical disc brakes.

We were surprised when the Heybike Mars 2.0 didn’t have the hydraulic disc brakes. But Heybike has done a great job by including the hydraulic brakes in the Heybike Horizon.

Shimano Transmission Components:

Heybike is well-known for including quality transmission components in its ebikes and Heybike Horizon is no different.

The Heybike Horizon features a 7-speed Shimano rear derailleur and shifter to ensure a smooth transmission experience. With name-brand components like these, your cycling experience on this ebike is bound to be a great one.

Heybike Horizon Sunset: Price

Heybike has priced this folding ebike at $1,999 but it is currently offering it for a discounted price of close to $1.5k. It is hard to find any ebike with 24″ tires and 4-link rear suspension on the market at this price.

Heybike Horizon Sunset Folding Ebike: Our Verdict

So, should you go for the Heybike Horizon Sunset?

Yes. The Heybike Horizon is the only 24-inch tires folding ebike that comes with such an amazing feature set and an affordable price tag.

The 4-link rear suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, front suspension, 750W rear hub motor, turn signals, fast charging, and a decent battery make this folding ebike worth the price tag.

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