Aventon Sinch vs Sinch 2: Folding Electric Bikes Comparison

Need to decide between Aventon Sinch vs Sinch 2? In this comparison article, we’ll compare both Class 2 folding ebikes from the Aventon so that you can make an informed decision.

Aventon Sinch 2 comes with a Torque Sensor which gives a more responsive pedaling experience compared to the Cadence Sensor that comes with Aventon Sinch. This leads to an improved range of 55 miles in the Aventon Sinch 2 as compared to 40 miles in the original Sinch.

Moreover, the Sinch 2 comes with an integrated headlight and tail lights with turn signals. No such lights come with the previous Sinch model so it’s a significant upgrade.

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Aventon Sinch vs Sinch 2: Electrical Specs & Key Features

Electrical Specs
& Key Features
Sinch 2
Motor PowerRear Hub Motor
Nominal Power: 500W
Peak Power: 750W
Rear Hub Motor
Nominal Power: 500W
Peak Power: 750W
Top Speed20 MPH20 MPH
Battery 48V, 14 Ah (672Wh)
Removable Battery
48 V, 7.8 Ah (672Wh)
Removable Battery
Maximum Range40 Miles
(Pedal Assist)
55 Miles
(Pedal Assist)
SensorsCadence SensorTorque Sensor
Pedal Assist5 Levels4 Levels
Throttle TypeThumb Throttle
Left-hand side
Thumb Throttle
Right-hand side
Charger48V 3 Amp48V 3 Amp
Charging Time4-5 hours4-5 hours
Ebike ClassClass 2Class 2
HeadlightNoIntegrated Headlight
TaillightsNoIntegrated Rear Lights
with Brake Signals
Aventon Sinch vs Sinch 2: Electrical Specs & Key Features

Torque Sensor:

Like other Aventon ebikes released in 2023, Sinch 2 also comes with a Torque Sensor replacing the old Cadence Sensor which the previous Sinch model features. This is a significant upgrade and it results in a more responsive pedaling experience for ebike users.


Since the Sinch 2 comes with a new Torque Sensor, it has increased its pedal assist range to 55 miles. This is a significant difference when compared with the original Sinch which can go up to 40 miles on pedal assist.

The Aventon Sinch 2 goes up to 22 miles in throttle-only mode which is not much different from the previous Sinch model. So, the main difference is in pedal-assist range where the Sinch 2.0 can go up to 15 miles more than the original Sinch model.


Aventon Sinch lacks any integrated headlight or taillights. To overcome this deficiency, Aventon has introduced an integrated headlight in the Sinch 2.0.

The headlight is not very big, but it does the job efficiently. Moreover, you’ll get rear lights with brake signals in the Sinch.2 ebike.

These rear lights are similar to the ones you see in the new Aventon ebikes released this year including the Pace 500.3 and Aventure 2.

The integrated headlight and taillights with turn signals make the Sinch.2 a lot safer to ride in low-light conditions. Moreover, if you live in a busy area, these turn signals would come in really handy to signal the traffic behind you before you make any sharp turns.

Battery and Motor:

Aventon has kept the same battery in the Sinch.2 as was the case with the original Sinch. Both Class 2 ebikes feature a 48V, 14 Ah (672Wh) removable battery with LG cells.

The same is true for the motor as both folding ebikes from Aventon come with a 48V 500W brushless rear hub motor. The motor will give you a peak power of 750W which is enough to ride on hills with a mild slope.

Both the folding electric bikes from Aventon come with a 48V 3 Amp charger which takes around 4 to 5 hours to fully charge the battery.

Throttle & PAS:

Aventon has reduced the pedal assist levels in the Sinch 2 as it comes with 4 PAS levels. The previous Sinch model comes with 5 PAS levels. You can customize the settings from the new app from Aventon.

Aventon has also changed the location of the throttle in Sinch.2 as it features a thumb throttle on the right-hand side. The previous Sinch had a thumb throttle on the left side of the handlebar.

Aventon Sinch vs Sinch 2: Dimensions, Design, & Weight Limits

Design &
Weight Limits
Sinch 2
Step Over
Color OptionsCloud Grey
Slick Black
Moss Green
Bonfire Red
Bike Weight68 lbs68 lbs
Max Payload
300 lbs300 lbs
Rear Rack
Load Capacity
50 lbs55 lbs
Rider Height5’0″ – 6’3″4’8″ – 6’2″
Stand Over Height700 mm390mm
Min Seat Height850 mm850mm
Max Seat Height1018 mm1018 mm
Aventon Sinch vs Sinch 2: Dimensions, Design, Weight Limits

Frame Design:

Aventon Sinch vs Sinch 2

When it comes to design, both the Sinch and Sinch.2 have pretty much the same design. As we write this Aventon Sinch vs Sinch 2 comparison, Sinch is only available in step over the frame.

Sinch.2, on the other hand, comes in only a step-through frame. So, if you are a short rider, the Sinch.2 can offer you a more comfortable riding experience.

Color Options:

Aventon has changed the color options as well. The new Sinch.2 is available in Quicksilver and Sapphire colors. The original Sinch comes in 4 color options but only Cloud Grey in a step-over frame is available right now.

Weight Limits:

Aventon has done a good job of keeping the same weight for the new Sinch.2 ebike. Although Sinch.2 isn’t the lightest folding ebike on the market, it has a reasonable weight for a folding frame ebike.

Both the Sinch models have the same maximum payload capacity of 300 lbs. Rear rack capacity isn’t much different either. The same goes for maximum and minimum seat heights.

So, the only major difference in this section is the frame design. So, it depends on whether you prefer a step-over or step-though frame. Stand-over height is generally lower for step-through frames when compared to step-over ebikes.

Aventon Sinch vs Sinch 2: Other Components

Sinch 2
Disc Brakes
Disc Brakes
Rear DerailleurShimano AceraAventon
Shifter7 Speed
8 Speed
Tires20” x 4”
Fat Tires
20” x 4”
Fat Tires
ForkFront Suspension
with 45 mm travel
Front Suspension
with 45 mm travel
SaddleAventon VeloAventon Velo
Rear RackIncludedIncluded
Rear FendersIncludedIncluded
Aventon Sinch vs Sinch 2: Other Components

If we talk about the mechanical components of the ebike, Aventon hasn’t done any significant upgrades.

We were expecting hydraulic brakes in the Aventon Sinch.2, but unfortunately, it comes with the same mechanical disc brakes you get with the previous Sinch model.

Aventon has also made some other changes in Sinch.2 ebike. The previous Sinch model comes with the Shimano Acera rear derailleur and a 7-speed Shimano shifter.

In the new Sinch.2, Aventon has included its own branded 8-speed shifter. The same goes for the rear derailleur. It’s not a huge difference, but it’s still a downgrade.

As for the tires, both folding ebikes come with 20” x 4” fat tires which can handle most terrains.

When Aventon launched the Sinch folding ebike, it did not come with any fenders or rear rack. However, Aventon is offering these accessories for free with both the original Sinch model.

As for the Sinch.2, it comes with metal fenders and a rear rack without any additional price.

Finally, both Sinch models feature a front suspension fork with 45mm of travel. This ensures that you have a comfortable riding experience.

Aventon Sinch vs Sinch 2: Price

Sinch 2
Ebike Cost$1299$1799
Aventon Sinch vs Sinch 2: Price

Let’s do the Aventon Sinch vs Sinch 2 price comparison. Aventon is offering the new Sinch 2 at $1799, $500 more than the current price of Sinch. The Sinch is currently being offered for $1299.

Aventon Sinch vs Sinch 2: Which one should you go for?

For an extra $500, Aventon Sinch 2 offers you a Torque Sensor, integrated headlight, 15 miles more range, and integrated taillights with turn signals.

If Sinch 2 had hydraulic disc brakes, we would have clearly recommended Sinch 2 to you.

But Sinch 2 is not offering much for that extra $500. It has the same motor and battery as the previous model. Moreover, there isn’t much of a difference in the throttle-only range of these folding electric bikes from Aventon.

So if you are not troubled by the cadence sensor, we would recommend that you go for Sinch and save that extra money. You can spend that extra $500 on getting some accessories.

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