Jetson Haze vs Bolt Pro Folding Electric Bikes

Do you want the cool ebike every other person is riding in your neighborhood? In this Jetson Haze vs Bolt Pro comparison, we’ll help you decide which of these lightweight and extremely affordable ebikes meets your requirements.

Jetson Bolt Pro is a more affordable ebike from the brand while the Haze offers some extra features which improve your riding experience.

The Haze offers you up to 3 riding modes and a more durable aluminum frame. Moreover, the Haze is a completely foldable ebike as compared to the Bolt Pro which is only partially foldable.

We’ll get into more details later in the comparison. Let’s look at our suggested alternatives to both Jetson Haze and Bolt Pro.

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Our Recommended Affordable Ebikes

When it comes to folding ebikes, the options are very limited. But we have managed to find some affordable and high-quality alternatives for you from well-reputed brands.

Ride1Up Portola is the best value-for-money folding ebike on the market in 2024. Don’t rely on our word, take a look at the impressive features below.

Key Features:

  • Powerful 750W Hub Motor
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Shimano Altus 8-speed Drivetrain
  • 45 Miles of PAS Range
  • 28 mph Top Speed
  • Front Fork Suspension (80mm)
  • 48V 13.4Ah Battery
  • 20″ x 3.0″ Fat Tires

If you need a dual-suspension folding ebike, Heybike Tyson is your best option!

Key Features:

  • 750W Powerful Motor
  • Dual Suspension System
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 48V 15Ah Battery
  • 55 Miles of Max Range
  • 28 mph Top Speed
  • 4A Fast Charging
  • App Support
  • Turn Signals
  • 20″ x 4.0″ Fat Tires
  • Shimano 7-speed Drivetrain

Recommended Accessories for Jetson Haze and Bolt Pro:

We have carefully shortlisted these best-selling, yet affordable products considering your budget:

Let’s begin the Jetson Haze vs Bolt Pro full comparison with electrical specifications.

Jetson Haze vs Bolt Pro: Electrical Specs & Key Features

Electrical Specs
& Key Features
Bolt Pro
Motor PowerRear Hub Motor
Nominal Power: 350W
Rear Hub Motor
Nominal Power: 350W
Top Speed15.5 mph15.5 mph
Battery48V, 360Wh
Removable Battery
36V, 216Wh
Non-Removable Battery
Maximum Range20 miles (pedal assist)
15 miles (throttle)
30 miles (pedal assist)
15 miles (throttle)
SensorsCadence SensorCadence Sensor
Speed Modes
Throttle ModeTwist ThrottleTwist Throttle
Charging Time5 hours4 hours
Jetson Haze vs Bolt Pro: Electrical Specs & Key Features

Battery & Range:

One of the notable differences between the Jetson Bolt Pro and Haze is the battery capacity of these ebikes. While the Jetson Bolt Pro comes with a 36V, 216Wh battery, the Haze features a much bigger 48V, 360Wh battery.

Normally, this would mean the Haze would offer a higher range than the Bolt Pro. But that is not the case here.

On the throttle-only mode, both Jetson ebikes offer a range of 15 miles which is satisfactory considering the compact size of these ebikes.

However, the Bolt Pro offers a 30-mile range on the pedal assist range which is 10 miles more than what Jetson Haze can offer you. This difference is because the Jetson Haze has bigger tires and a heavier frame when compared to the Bolt Pro.

Pedal Assist Modes:

When it comes to pedal assist modes, there is a significant difference between these two mini ebikes.

The Jetson Haze offers up to 3 electric speed modes which you can easily switch from the cockpit. On the other hand, the Bolt Pro keeps things simple and comes with only 1 riding mode.

Apart from a difference in PAS modes, both Jetson ebikes come with a cadence sensor. After all, you can’t expect a torque sensor in this affordable category of ebikes.

Motor and Top Speed:

Both of these Jetson ebikes feature a 250W rear hub motor which has enough torque for you to cruise around the city comfortably.

But if you intend to ride steep hills with these mini ebikes, you’ll be disappointed with the results.

Jetson has limited these ebikes to a top speed of 15.5 mph which is the limit in most parts of the world. From a safety point of view, this speed limit is perfect as a lot of people buy these ebikes for their kids as well.

If you want to go faster, you need to look for an ebike with 20″ wheels. We have mentioned a few alternatives at the start of this Jetson Haze vs Bolt Pro comparison and you can check those as well.

Alright! Let’s move on to the Jetson Haze vs Bolt Pro design comparison.

Jetson Haze vs Bolt Pro: Dimensions, Design, & Weight Limits

Design &
Weight Limits
Bolt Pro
Frame MaterialAluminumSteel
FoldabilityHandlebars +
+ Pedals
Folded Size30.1″ x 17.5″ x 27.5″46.5″ x 19.3″ x 23″
Unfolded Size53.1″ x 20.5″ x 42.5″46.5″ x 19.3″ x 38.6″
Tires16″ x 2.1″14″ x 2.1″
Color OptionsBlackBlack, Graphite
Green, Blue
Bike Weight48 lbs42 lbs
Payload Capacity
265 lb265 lb
Jetson Haze vs Bolt Pro: Dimensions, Design, & Weight Limits


The biggest difference between the frame design of these ebikes is the folding capacity. Although the Bolt Pro is labeled as a folding ebike, only the handlebars actually fold. The rest of the frame is not foldable. So, the Bolt Pro is only a partially foldable ebike from Jetson.

In comparison, the Jetson Haze is a completely foldable ebike. Along with the handlebar, the frame also folds into two making the ebike easier to store in small spaces. Even the pedals in Jetson Haze are foldable.

Jetson Haze has a Removable Battery:

Another big difference in the design of these ebikes is that Jetson Haze features a removable battery. Like most of the folding ebikes on the market, Jetson Haze also allows you to remove the battery once it is in a folding position.

The battery is not convenient to remove as you need to fold the ebike completely before you can take out the battery. But this replacing the battery is a lot easier as compared to the Bolt Pro.

Although the Bolt Pro does not have a removable battery, you can get the battery cover opened from any ebike repair shop. You can do the process yourself as well if you manage to find a few hidden screws on the battery cover. Once you find them, replacing the battery is no big deal.

Frame Material and Weight:

A surprising fact about the Jetson Bolt Pro is that this ebike has a steel frame which means the frame is susceptible to rusting. So, you need to be more careful with the Bolt Pro and it should not be exposed to elements for a long duration.

If you get any scratches on it, it is recommended to paint the ebike to make the frame more durable.

However, Jetson Haze has no such problems as it features an aluminum frame which you see on most of the durable ebikes available on the market.

The frame of Jetson Haze is slightly heavier at 48 lbs as compared to the 42 lbs frame of the Bolt Pro. So, the Bolt Pro is the lighter ebike here which means it is more convenient to carry the ebike if the need arises.

Bolt Pro has more Color Options:

The Bolt Pro offers four color options which you can choose from. The color options for the Bolt Pro are Green, Graphite, Black, and Blue. Jetson Haze, on the other hand, comes in only one color option: Black.

Jetson Haze has Bigger Tires:

The final difference in the design of these Jetson ebikes is that the Haze comes with 16″ x 2.1″ tires. That’s why the Haze is bigger in size as compared to the Bolt Pro.

The Bolt Pro features 14″ x 2.1″ tires which are obviously smaller than the ones you get with the Haze. The difference is not huge but you’ll definitely feel more comfortable on the 16″ tires.

This sums up our Jetson Haze vs Bolt Pro design comparison. Let’s move on to compare the brakes and other components of these ebikes from Jetson.

Jetson Haze vs Bolt Pro: Other Components

Bolt Pro
Disc Brakes
Motor inhibitors
Disc Brakes
Motor inhibitors
Rear RackNoNo
Jetson Haze vs Bolt Pro: Other Components

Both Jetson Haze and Bolt Pro feature mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors which are more than enough for these small ebikes. Generally, you see hydraulic brakes on much bigger and more expensive ebikes. So, we cannot blame Jetson as far as the brakes are concerned.

And to make your braking experience better, Jetson has included motor inhibitors in these ebikes. This means as soon as you hit the brakes, the motor power will be automatically cut off reducing the braking distance. This just makes these mini ebikes a lot safer to ride.

One notable difference is that the Jetson Haze comes with a rear shock absorber which makes the rides more comfortable. Now, the travel on this rear shock absorber is very limited, but having some sort of suspension is always better than having none.

Let’s compare the Jetson Haze vs Bolt Pro price.

Jetson Haze vs Bolt Pro: Price

Bolt Pro
Ebike Cost$899$499
Jetson Haze vs Bolt Pro: Price

As we write this comparison, the Jetson Haze is being offered at $899. The listed price of Bolt Pro is higher, but you can grab it at $499 with the current discount being offered by Jetson.

So, the price difference is $400 between these Jetson ebikes. Let’s find out if spending an extra $400 is worth it or not.

Jetson Haze vs Bolt Pro: Our Verdict

After comparing the Jetson Haze and Bolt Pro, we believe that the Jetson Bolt Pro offers more value for money as compared to the Haze.

For less than $500, the Bolt Pro offers you a 15.5 mph top speed, 350W motor, mechanical disc brakes, 30 miles PAS range, a lightweight frame, cadence sensor, twist throttle, integrated lights, multiple color options, and 265lbs payload capacity.

On the other hand, the Jetson Haze can offer you more riding modes, a durable aluminum construction, a rear shock absorber, a completely foldable frame, bigger tires, and a removable battery. But you have to pay an extra $400 to get these features.

Is this a deal breaker? Yes. For more affordable prices, you can find ebikes with a lot better specs. So, we recommend that you consider the alternative we mentioned at the start of this Jetson Haze vs Bolt Pro comparison to get both performance and affordability.

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